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  • The overall open oven

    Is this all set steamed, baked process for the integration of a machine.
    To shorten the time of steaming, baking products to complete.

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    The world's first equal-length,equal-weight, and equal-diameter sausage stuffing machine for natural casing.
    One with an automatic casing feeder processes casings of all types and the other is exclusively used for natural casing. "LINKWEL" is the most suitable machine for any kind of casings including sheep, hog, collagen, and cellulose.

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  • Automatic Gyoza Forming Machine A-16NA

    As the entire machine is washable with water, it is hygienic.
    Our use of a unique air piston design means that ingredients are finely chopped and perfectly filled without being damaged.

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Automatic branding machine series

Multi brand machine

Multi column automatic making machine

1. It's possible to establish the feed pace of the conveyor optionally, and it corresponds to the various tray size.

2. It's possible to change the height of the brand head optionally, and it corresponds to a various product.

3. The change in the brand mark is possible by a one touch exchange in a heater block.
4. The setting change in the baking temperature by the product can be changed immediately in a surface of the board touch panel.

5. The tray size can change the adjustment of lateral guide by single touch.

6. Plane baking and carved seal baking can correspond to the use variously.

7. A picture can also correspond to on linear machine for off lines.


The specification

1. Line 1 of print system The upper part carved seal baking system

2. Processing power 3600 ke /H (of 5 ke/a line, 4 second time of influence).

3. Stoving time It's possible to set it as 0.1 second unit optionally.

4. It's established by temperature preset temperature control total.
5. Thermal process Pin type heater.

6. Conveyance conveyor Toothed belt baton feed system conveyance with a stopper

7. Brand height adjustment Adjustment handle hand adjustment

8. A power supply AC200V Three-fase current 4KW.

9. Aerial source 50NL/min 10. Exit conveyor 500 margins of free roller x 700 large.


example of case:

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