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  • The overall open oven

    Is this all set steamed, baked process for the integration of a machine.
    To shorten the time of steaming, baking products to complete.

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    The world's first equal-length,equal-weight, and equal-diameter sausage stuffing machine for natural casing.
    One with an automatic casing feeder processes casings of all types and the other is exclusively used for natural casing. "LINKWEL" is the most suitable machine for any kind of casings including sheep, hog, collagen, and cellulose.

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  • Automatic Gyoza Forming Machine A-16NA

    As the entire machine is washable with water, it is hygienic.
    Our use of a unique air piston design means that ingredients are finely chopped and perfectly filled without being damaged.

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Continuous steam cabinet


1 very low pressure steam generator system
Do not use a special device to provide a very low pressure close to the heat of the steam.
Also can supply more previous strong steam, can produce most of the goods.
2 do not produce product loss
According to the special entity ceiling insulation, resist the dew drop, with loss of lost.
The structure of the falling off of the occurrence of the exposure can be prevented through the air at the entrance and the entrance.
3 simple operation steam control
Each region is set with a touch screen temperature, and the vapor pressure of each region is also represented by a soft, soft, and the product of a strong vapor.
4 variety set may be
Using the touch screen to form a temperature setting registration can be, to the variety of the corresponding smooth.
5 rarely save energy
In order to use the boiler directly so that the steam, no energy loss.
And, in order to use the insulation of the solid wood, all over the domain also to carry out the entrance equipment, the company's own steam leakage prevention device alone, with the least amount of steam without waste can improve.
6 easy washing hygiene
Each entity of the two side of the regional equipment inspection door, the library can be easily washed, health.
Kuneidi is inclined surface is entity structure, structure of R shaped corner become difficult to stay.

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